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Box furniture are fine

Lack of spectacular changes at the forefront of this year’s ranking of box furniture manufacturers we decided to consider a good sign. If furniture “giants” are still holding their positions, it means that the industry is not so bad. For the last few years, the first place in our ranking has been handed over by the Forte Furniture Factory and Bydgoskie Furniture. Both powerful companies are exchanged through almost all of the furniture stores surveyed by the editors of “Meble Plus” – as the best partner, both in terms of sales volume and total business contacts. This time the victory was in the share of Bydgoskie Furniture (belonging to the IMS Group) – congratulations! But the fact that Forte was only in second place will certainly not hurt the strong position of the producer on the Polish market. They also grow from year to year the relatively young brand on the Polish market of Wójcik furniture, which defended its position from last year, proving that it is slowly starting to compete with the existing leaders.

What’s next? The top ten without major changes, except for some new successes. The Klose Furniture Collection, albeit a small number of points, but outdistanced Padged-Furniture and was thus placed on a high, fourth place. Among the best appeared also a new player – Latzke from Sępółna Krajeński, specializing in the production of stylish furniture (in last year’s ranking – beyond the first thirty years). The position of many companies on the map of Polish furniture, such as Black Red White and Szynaka-Meble, is to a large extent determined by the specification of furniture sales channels of these producers. The progressive development of our own store chains means that multi-brand stores do not always have the products of these companies in their offer.

Like every year, this time the basis of our ranking was the results of a survey conducted among furniture stores throughout Poland. We talked with large store chains in big cities, myself and with small outlets located in smaller towns. It was not an easy task – while as many furniture stores have a well-established reputation for their best partners, some stores needed more time to think about the choice. Not everyone wanted to speak on the subject, recognizing the issue of partnership with producers with a difficult and somewhat controversial issue. It turns out that it is not always so important in the case of the sale of furniture, the cooperation follows the thoughts of both parties.

The surveyed salons indicated the separation of manufacturers of box and upholstered furniture. In this issue of the monthly, we present the results of the ranking of box furniture. When selecting the producers, representatives of furniture showrooms took into account the following factors: the turnover achieved by the showroom in relations with the producer, the quality of commercial contacts, the participation of promotional materials provided by the manufacturer, the quality of warranty and post-warranty service, as well as the quality of complaint handling.

Furniture showrooms participating in the Ranking of Upholstered Furniture Manufacturers and the Ranking of Box Furniture Manufacturers in Poland have been divided into three groups: salons with a total area up to 5,000 m2, salons with a total area of ​​5,000  m2 and salons with a total area above 15 thousand. m2

Each of the representatives of showrooms could indicate a maximum of the top 10 producers of upholstered furniture and the same number of producers of box furniture. First place we rewarded with ten points, second – nine, third – eight, fourth – seven, fifth – six, six – five, seventh – four, eight – three, nine – two, and tenth – one point. Voices of salons with an area of ​​5-15 thousand m2 were counted twice, and voices of salons over 15 thousand2 – triple.

In addition – they want to appreciate not only the places where furniture representatives placed furniture manufacturers – but also the very number of convictions (we know that for furniture manufacturers is not without significance that a large number of furniture stores in various regions of the country places them among the best furniture manufacturers), we rewarded every vote with additional five points. If, therefore, representatives of, for example, nine furniture salons voted for a producer, then in addition to the points that resulted from the places where he was placed, he received an additional 45 points

~source: “Meble Plus”

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