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FAQ – answers to often asked questions

What do the interiors of the HERMAN and MARTIN dressing table look like?
These drawers are not lined with fabric and do not have compartments, one drawer is shared. The padded interior of the drawer is available on request.

Do the elements that have glass shelves in the catalog, e.g. HERMAN bureau 3d bar also have lighting as standard or do you need to additionally order them?
Glass shelves and lighting are non-standard equipment at an additional cost, you have to order them additionally.

Are the tables equipped with guides?
Yes, in synchronized guides.

In the version with glass shelves, can only those shapes be made, which are included in the price list, or all that have a glass front?
Glass shelves can be made only in shapes, which have a glass front, glass surcharge applies according to the price list. The client can of course design his own layout of the fronts in the bureau or the vitrine, according to we will form appropriate glass frames, glass shelves and lighting.

What kind of guides are used in the drawers of individual sets?
Roller guides

How many light bars should I order on the shelf in the HERMAN collection, does the shelf width mean?
On one shelf, one light bar, width does not matter.

Can the lighting that is used in the HERMAN collection (i.e. mounted on shelves) also be ordered for other collections?
Yes, for the same price as lighting in HERMAN collection.

Are bed frames are loosely laid or fixed permanently to the bed frame, how many slats do? Slats in the bed frame are connected with upholstery tape. They are not permanently fixed to the bed frame. The bed frames have 12-15 slats

Should I specify their opening page when ordering the 1d and 1d-nar (corner) Vitrine? If so, how do we define them? The sides are referred to as RIGHT and LEFT, depending on which direction the doors are to be opened, looking from the front RIGHT – hinge on the right, LEWA – hinge on the left. For 1d vitrine, please specify the opening page RIGHT / LEFT, the 1d corner vitrine is only available in the standard made RIGHT

Is the door in the office desks, from the back of the masking box (back of the desk) also opened or is it just a simulacrum? The rear door is also opened. The depth of the back cabinet is 18 cm

Are the side divisions in the office and home desks right inside or are they in the middle of a vertical partition? There is no partition in HOME desk, while there is a partition in the OFFICE desk, and there are two cabinets in the back of the desk.

Is the horizontal partition removed in the home desks in the opening part (where the computer is set up) or is it a construction shelf? It is possible to disassemble this shelf, without affecting the construction of the desk.

Is it possible to order furniture with one-point drilling for fittings or does it affect the price? There is a possibility for all furniture collections, the price will not change.

Is it possible to order a home desk without a keyboard slip? Does it affect the price of the desk?

You can order a desk without a sliding shelf for the keyboard, the price will not change.

Can you change the handles from one collection to another? If so, what is the surcharge?

Yes, the surcharge depends on what collection the handles are from.

Is it possible to install the door in the part where the drawers are located in the home desk?

Yes, there is such a possibility, the price of such a desk will not change.

What are the dimensions of the desk from the MARTIN and HERMAN collections?

Dimensions of bay for equipment in RTV cabinets from each collection.